Beautiful solar eclipse in space, photorealistic illustration


On Monday, August 21st, we got a chance to experience history with a solar eclipse!

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the earth and the sun, blocking all or a portion of the sun. The thing that struck me the most was in the areas where there was a total eclipse, there was total darkness.  There was a shadowing of the sun. For about 2 minutes or so, there was total darkness.  As the moon passed over the sun, it began to get light again. BUT…there was that moment of darkness.  Even the temperature dropped!

What occurred to me as I watched the news was how we let so many things “clip” our light.  We let our fears and our insecurities keep us in darkness.  We let our negative thoughts of believing we are not enough or believing that we don’t have what it takes keep us in darkness.  We let other people’s opinions of who we are and whether our dreams are “acceptable” keep us in darkness.  We let the routines of life as well as our past keep us in darkness. We even let our own arrogance and ego keep us in darkness.

I know what it’s like to walk around in darkness.  The routines of life as well as my own arrogance in believing I was making everything happen put me in a very dark place.  It was a place that I wouldn’t wish on anyone and I realize kept me from being the real me and going after my dreams. Journaling and affirmations helped with moving the shadow of darkness.

When we decide to stop letting all the stuff overshadow our light, who we were created to be shines bright.  Our stories shine bright to bless someone else.  Our dreams shine bright as we go after making them happen.  Our light draws people to the possibilities of life.

I know your light is bright and I encourage you to Shine Baby Shine!


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